Friday, April 29, 2011

Response to blog for 4/29/11

Grreat Caesar's Ghost !!!

Okay sooo this week we actually finished reading Julius Caesar. I must say the play as a whole was definitely worth reading. One thing I've always admired about Shakepeare's works is that after all the language and the pages and the explanations, its purpose remains clear. For example Romeo and Juliet is of course a tragedy and when I  read the play at first I did not understand how the story is being set up. However once the conflicts were made apparent to me I was like " Well, oh wow this really is a tragedy." As the understanding gets better so does the story and that's what makes it worth reading, realizing that as you read play by play that William Shakespeare wrote, it gets easier. Now would some people say I like these stories a little to much that I legit am a nerd but I mean if you take the events in the story and really just compare and think this is a masterpiece, all the warnings Caesar got and still went to the Senate!!! Seriously??? The fact that most people don't even know that when Brutus "backstabbed" Caesar he thought  it was truly for the good of the people . I mean  I don't know if I'll ever read another Shakespeare piece in school again but I do, I am all for it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Julius Caesar" Cast

I really liked all the people that were in the original Julius Caesar movie. =(
The new cast and crew are....

Julius Caesar-Javier Bardem - He has those Caesar features really!!!

Brutus-David Krumholtz- I just saw his picture and went  "Brutus!"

Cassius-George Clooney- He  looks like he could play the creepy manipulative part

Casca- Michael Douglas- I really have no explanation he just looks he could play that kind of role ya know ?

Calpurnia-Angelina Jolie- Come on she would kill that role her acting skills are incredible

Marc Antony-Taylor Lautner- He looks like the jock type what can I say however the original Marc Antony was hot

Portia-Anne Hathaway- She's a good actress and she could really do something with this role


Friday, April 15, 2011

This Week

This week like the ones before has gone by fast. They go by faster every time which in my case is sooo good. I don't mean to complain but honestly the word tired takes on a whole new meaning every week it seems. With summer literally just around the corner this last quarter just gives even more reason to be lazy and procrastinate. And the weather gets nicer and nicer (with the exception of the rainy days) so you just gotta weigh the options doing a blog , math homework or exercising on a nice sunny day? Just sayying. Anyways we read Act I and partially Act II of  "Julius Caesar" the play. Now the play isn't necessarily that bad  but I mean from time to time there are some phrases that I just can not understand. Still once translated, the play gets pretty interesting, but the delayed reaction time of whats going on at what point in the play is annoying. I feel as though the play gives so much detail on the actual planning of the conspiracy to take Caesar which does make it better to understand. My only issue though, is that Cassius was able to convince Brutus and everyone else that they needed to kill Caesar to prevent something that may or may not happen. I mean the guy is sick in his own mind and it was really for his own jealousy and envy towards Caesar that he took a good man like Brutus and put him against his own friend . Just sick. Nevertheless I guess I should read more before I say more.

COMMENT!!! THERE (throws hands in the air)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lend Me Your Ears (Well Your Eyes Mostly)

Sooo its the end of the  first week back from break and I honestly have to say I can't remember being so tired at the end of a week. Its like we never had a break, Spring Break, what's that? a whole week out of school? for spring? nahhh. Well anyways it went by fairly quickly as it always does so I guess it was okay. We started talking about the works of William Shakespeare in class and honestly I sorta kinda love his stories. I mean some people in class started whining " Ughhh" "I can't understand what he's saying" "Its so boring, and long " "William Shakespeare was a 'panzy'" lol. I mean the only issues that I had when we read some of his works last year not only were they too long but I just wasn't used to how he wrote/spoke. When we read the stories like were told the meanings of some words and like given a summary but I didn't understand the meaning of the actual story/poem. When we read the story in class I was actually surprised at the true purpose of the poem. It was great and the fact that he used it just to show how great a writer he was well thats just cocky great,  but cocky. The movie we saw in class "Julius Caesar" was great the actors did a great job and I was just shocked I mean by the way they portrayed Brutus' betrayal and Caesar's death. I had heard pieces of the story (et tu brute?) and seen pictures but it was nothing like what I saw today that was just wow. Also Calpurnia, his wife did great, that definitely was a great way for me to understand what was going on, I mean even though you knew Caesar was going to die you just hoped that Calpurnia would make it in time, and I loved how he was able to withstand every stab that the members gave him until he saw his friend Brutus kill him. Epic movie.