Friday, December 10, 2010

Mystery with a Twistery !!!! Hahaha I love Spongebob

This week we have have finished our Human Rights lesson!!! I'm kinda glad in a way because there were just too many ways to go in terms of which groups have human rights and comparing the ones that didn't have any. We have begun what is to be my favorite genres of like all time!!! We started by reading the weirdest 3 page story about some lady who's dog was killed by a psychopath who escaped from a mental institute. The funniest part of that whole story was when she realized that the person who escaped from the institute was the one who was next to her bedside.Hahahahaha and that meant that he licked her hand ewww that is sooooo hilarious to me i don't know why. Anyways we watched this 70/80's version of "When a Stranger Calls" which by the way I have seen the remake and it scared the crap out of me for a while. It was very different considering the way that we view scary movies now but it had all the requirements I should say that a suspenseful story needs. I hope we will be reading more stories cause I am a sucker for this stories!!! I try to figure them out like I was called on to investigate the crime. If we are doing anything like that in class then I can almost promise I won't fall asleep.!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Civil Rights, Human Rights

 So this week in class things like human rights were discussed. We read stories in class, one of them had to do with the internment camps that the Japanese were put in during the second world war. There was also a very important question brought up; should what happened to the Japanese during this time be compared to what happened during the holocaust? The answer to that question could be twisted in so many different ways. In my opinion I would not want to consider what happened at the Japanese internment camps of less value than what happened in the holocaust because in both situations there was a large number of lives lost. At the same time the reasons for why each event happened are very different. The Japanese were treated the way they were because the United States did not want to face a threat to the country especially after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The holocaust situation is different because Hitler only had resentment for the Jewish which was why he chose to kill them the way he did ,so there is a lot to consider there. We also watched a movie on Thursday or Wednesday (I forget what its called) and it was about the sacrifice that an immigrant from Italy made to save his son during the holocaust. It was a very sad but interesting movie in the way he made his son believe that the whole situation was a game that he had to win but it also showed  another side to the war, what kind of labor and torture the immigrants went through, some of the guy's friends never made it back from taking a shower because they were taken in  gas chambers. It was a great perspective but at the same time,showed the harshness that people without human rights faced