Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Almost Kills Us ... Makes us Stronger

Dear Reader,

The blog you’re about to read is going to address several themes. The main theme will be about perseverance. In the book “1st to Die” by James Patterson the main character homicide inspector, Lindsay Boxer faces many situations that challenged her thinking. For example, in the first few chapters the character was diagnosed with a deadly disease that could have killed her in only four weeks. This affected her abilities to help solve the murders that occurred throughout the story. It also affected the relationships that she had with her friends as well as her confidence in finding love again with one of the characters. Still, she was able to come forward and tell her friends and eventually her love interest about the issues she was dealing with. She solved the murders in the end and even found out that her disease had been cured. This theme was shown in more areas of the story than some but it still was expressed enough for me to consider it the main theme.
                                                                                            Lauriane Abbey

                                              “Rise up fallen fighters,
                                          Rise and take your stance again,
                                           ‘Tis’ he who fight and run away,
                                                Live to fight another day”                  
                                                        -Bob Marley

Brave Face
What am I supposed to say?
There’s no turning back I have to be strong,
I can only put up a brave face for so long,
My friends, my family they have to find out someday,
And I don’t want them to find out the wrong way,
I can make it through this people there’s worse ways to die,
Whether I make it or not depends on how hard I try,
I don’t really know what the outcomes going to be,
I’m not really sure how much time I have left,
But I know I can’t through this…
At least not by myself                            -Lauriane Abbey

                                             "She says we've gotta hold on to what we've got,
                                                        Cause it doesn't make a difference,
                                                                    If we make it or not,
                                                        We've got each other and that's a lot,
                                                             For love-we'll give it a shot"    
                                                                       -Bon Jovi

   "Anytime you need a friend,
                                                                          I will be here,
                                                              You'll never be alone again,
                                                                     So don't you fear,
                                                                Even if you're miles away,
                                                                       I'm by your side,
                                                             So don't you ever be lonely,
                                                               Love will make it alright" - Mariah Carey

                                    "I've got a hard road to travel and a rough, rough way to go,
  Said it's a hard road to travel and a rough, rough way to go,
  But I can't turn back, my heart is fixed ,
           My mind's made up, I'll never stop, my faith, will see , see me through"
-Jimmy Cliff

So many times, it happens too fast
                                                       You change your passion for glory 
                                             Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
                                                               You must fight just to
keep them alive -Survivor 

             As I look back at this assignment, I honestly can see that it really wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Being creative can be easy in some cases , but choosing four genres that had to represent the theme was difficult. The first genre I chose was a free verse poem that I wrote myself. I chose to do this  because I felt that I write a poem that would relate to the theme and that it would be more creative if I wrote it myself. The second genre I chose was a thank you card written from the perspective of the main character of my choice novel. I chose this genre as the second one because in the story , even though it is surrounded by one main character , Lindsay Boxer with the help and support of her friends , she was able to not only solve a murder case but eventually overcome a deadly disease. The third genre I did was a picture of a highway overhead sign that said things like "Motivation-'This EXIT' or 'PERSEVERANCE-25 miles'. This photos for this caption I thought were self-explanatory and a to me represented a good metaphor for the things that people need on the road to success. The last genre I chose was a top ten list of things needed to be able to persist and achieve anything that anyone wanted to accomplish. I chose to do this because honestly for a theme like mine, there weren't very many options in the genres that i could really find. I know that this theme was probably the most consistent in my novel, which was why I chose it. The only issues I had were trying to find the right genres to support my theme. The timing was okay because I had enough time to finish the book (because it was good) but personally I might have started my project earlier just because that's what kind of person I am.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Okay sooo I forgot to do my blog yesterday =( but only because I thought we were supposed to be reading our choice novel over the weekend which I did. I mean something in my gut was initially telling me to do my blog but I just didn't know!! Okay so let's see last week in English 10 we had to pick a choice novel to read purely for enjoyment. HOWEVER and yet we have a multi-genre project attached to this novel of "enjoyment" that we have to complete by the end of OGT week. Lovely. I have found my choice novel , a mystery as I do love a good one , its called 1st degree by James Patterson and I am lovin it!!! I saw his most recent book that just came out Tick Tock but then I found this one and now I may have to put that one on hold. I think this is my first time reading one of his books, but my brothers read one of his too and says that he's a really good author and I believe him.!!! Because this is high school and I have copious amounts of homework this isn't like middle school where I can just drift off to La-La land. I have limits. I do miss that feeling though when its seems like fantasy is at its highest point taking you to a point so far away from reality and then when the books over , so is the moment but only for a minute.