Friday, September 24, 2010

This Week This Project =\

this week has been really stressful i'm not even gonna lie . It all started when i thought we had to have 20 notecards by Monday then finding otu we were actually supposed to DO 20 i mean really wow and i only had like 20 so i get behind and have to do those at the same time i have other homework to do like U.S. History which i always leave for last just because i can never get to it. i have to say now i guess im back on track just waiting for this project to be over i mean we need like a break or something and Mr.Potter if you give us any  homework over the winter im going to like start misspelling words on purpose here. going around trying to print papers at the same time trying to finish other homework and study for the tests/quizzes in my other subjects i mean im pretty sure im gonna have more gray hairs before you even get them. lolol but ill try to make it cause at this point i really dont have a choice do I?? nope didnt think so oh welll BYEEEE!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

okayy so second blog in a row and i just wanna say that all these papers are driving me crazy!!!! i mean im not even sure if homework everyday is worse i mean are we gonna get projects instead of homework for the first semester or what . however if we're gonna do all the projects now or somethin and have just regular homework later on i guess that's okay. i got a pretty good head start on my project right now i gotta say my only concerns when we gotta put it together i dont know what order im gonna put my paper but i figure it out. how many days is mr.potter gonna let us spend in the library honestly i gotta know so i can know how much more time to spend on this paper at home cause i dont have a study hall =/. hmmm thats really all i can say but i hope i can finish the rest of my cards this weekend and just chill =).

Saturday, September 11, 2010

English Class

I think i finally got the hang of this blog thing lol and if nobody see sthis well then my grades in trouble but anyways yeah Mr.Potter assigning a 5 paragraph essay the first two weeks of school not cool =( but it wont matter cause i can write FOREVER bring it on !!!! we studied poetry in class that was okayy i write a lot myself soo it was kinda fun i like the stories too the ones we have to read like as a class were interesting are we gonna watch a lotta movies cause i mean in opinion i think we could learn a lot but... just a thought . i read ALL the time when i was a kid though and I was a huge fan of sherlock holmes when i was younger and when i found out he wasnt real i  was like heartboken i mean dreamt that i would meet him and we would torment Watson hahaha i love mystery and suspense but my favorite book of maybe all time and movie is Holes by Louis Sachar which i think is Historical Fiction which we could so watch just in case we happen to study that in class =D kinda nervous to be in this class caus ei mean if you givin out essays the first two weeks then... hello what are we gonna ghave for breaks not that we should have any  assignments because that would be sooo mean so we'll see