Sunday, May 15, 2011

???? Thoroughly Rough Week???>

This week has been hell!!! Aah but still so much fun!!!! SO I guess I should start with English class . Well we read Orson Welles in class and I must say I fairly despise him at this point and I have a right to I mean he has almost close to no respect for anyone or anything. I honestly felt bad for those who wanted to pursue thier dreams and realized the only way was through him because I would have never hahaha nope. Anyways as we continue to read this story I realize that Richard (?) is a sad person I mean seriously I know there are some guys that are sad and desperate but as far as I know this takes the cake. I almost forgot to even do this blog just because this weekend has been soo busy!!! however I would not change this theater experience for nothin !!!! It makes the school year go by so much faster and gives you something to look forward to. I am definitely going to continue this through the rest of high school !!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Me Myself and Orson Welles

Soo this week we wrapped up the play "Julius Caesar". I have to say that I think I did well on the unit test , though when we got the study packets for the quotes I was a worried about how if I would understand the meanings for some of them. I still think I did really good but I don't want to really say anything yet because (knock on wood) I would get an even lower grade than I think I got. What I wanna know  is if we're gonna acually see the movie "Citizen Kane in class because it sounds good and just in case people think the book is gonna be boring (just like they thought Caesar would be before we saw the movie) we should watch the movie first so we know that its not as boring as it seems. I guess we're gonna be spending the rest of the year on this unit so might as well enjoy the book cause when its finished, the school year basically is so by all means lets do it!!!!!