Friday, January 28, 2011

Throwbacks Now Throwbacks Foreverrrr!!!

Ha !! Now as I was saying ahh yes, soo many good shows, these shows are something that will just always stay with me. I don't really even try to watch TV now because of the absence of good quality TV if you know what I mean. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck will always be those characters of which I can draw inspiration (Mel Blanc you are a genius). Who could forget Johnny Bravo one of the original ladie's man who just couldn't get the ladies and seriously sounded just like Elvis. Scooby Doo, don't even get me started , I've seen every version there is from and i still bust out the VHS tapes . Josie and the Pussycats may have been a spin-off or whatever of Scooby-Doo but stilll ahh just as good. Sesame Street and Arthur was school for me and Between the Lions ? Ha ! Mr.Potter you're an English teacher you tell me, how are my reading skills? Dexter was my HERO no joke at all to this day I am trying to figure out and master his accent which I will one day. The Powerpuff Girls ahh now that one takes me back to a time where me and my friends thought we could stray away from our group in kindergarden o help this woman take her kid home from daycare, we thought we were the Powerpuff Girls and split up around the playground to catch that kid lol we got in soo much trouble but still the day was saved !!! There almost wasn't a morning I would miss The Magic School Bus and Captain Planet , please don't even get me started, and hero who cares about the environment and everyone got those really cool rings? Ahh my heart aches for this generation. The superheroes are soo not being excluded from this list. Batman ? Puhleaseee I was born in Queens alright , where the heroe's hometown Gotham City resides and Spiderman can be seen swinging from skyscrapers, have to pay tribute to the crimefighters of my imagination. Sailor Moon was another oh I could watch that show forever another one of my personal favorites to say the least. The Jetson's or The Flintstones , personally The Flintstones are much more hilarious but in a heartbeat I would have The Jetson's lifestyle. I didn't exclude any "guy" shows either cause to me there simply were none I watched everything from Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon , even DragonBall-Z I am not playing. Secret Squirrel , Out of the Box, Zoboomafoo, Caillou, Rolie Polie Olie, Animaniacs, Freakazoid (Ha, did you think of that one I did!), Hey Arnold, Doug, Recess, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Blues Clues, RugRats.I'm so convinced that half  of my personality is stuck in the eighties and beyond. and so I leave you with this and my first (sorry) blog  response URL

Friday, January 7, 2011

Who Dunnit???

So this was the first week back from break =( and  we continued our Mystery and Suspense unit in English we read many stories hopefully most of them will come to mind now. Let's see there was the one story " Man in the South" that we read about and watched a film version of. To me it didn't feel like a mystery story (But oh the suspense was definitely there) because it seemed so typical. I mean how often do people get cheated out of their possessions and come home to find everything gone or end up paying with their lives. Left pinkies and cars are different though and because of that I admit I did find it creepy not mysterious but just plain wrong.One thing I did learn from that story though is that mystery and suspense genres can be looked at through the  eyes of many situations.Another story we read was "Monkey's Paw". This one had all the makings of a classic mystery and suspense, the curiosity of whether the "Monkey's Paw" actually did work was the mystery behind the story. It reminded me of "Jumanji" not even kidding when I think of "Monkey's Paw" and fate and how it can not be changed thats the first thing I think of.  The way the "Monkey's Paw was first seen as nothing more than an ancient trinket with no value, thought of as just a gimmick to frighten people. Then when the paw is given to Mr.White it is seen as a chance to change  his life and all that he thought about life before he found it. That's when they learn that yes it can do what it was meant for but at the same time they knew nothing of it power that it possessed everytime they granted it a wish. The way that the wishes were twisted into ways that most people would consider good really showed how life is just a mystery and that fate can not be changed no matter what decisions we make because we know so little.