Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Okay sooo I forgot to do my blog yesterday =( but only because I thought we were supposed to be reading our choice novel over the weekend which I did. I mean something in my gut was initially telling me to do my blog but I just didn't know!! Okay so let's see last week in English 10 we had to pick a choice novel to read purely for enjoyment. HOWEVER and yet we have a multi-genre project attached to this novel of "enjoyment" that we have to complete by the end of OGT week. Lovely. I have found my choice novel , a mystery as I do love a good one , its called 1st degree by James Patterson and I am lovin it!!! I saw his most recent book that just came out Tick Tock but then I found this one and now I may have to put that one on hold. I think this is my first time reading one of his books, but my brothers read one of his too and says that he's a really good author and I believe him.!!! Because this is high school and I have copious amounts of homework this isn't like middle school where I can just drift off to La-La land. I have limits. I do miss that feeling though when its seems like fantasy is at its highest point taking you to a point so far away from reality and then when the books over , so is the moment but only for a minute.

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  1. cool. i have never heard of that book before. i am sure that it is a good book though. what is it about?? my book is called "brink of death". i finished reading my book yesterday. my book was like 300 some pages. it was really good!!!! i like could not put the book down. i was reading the book constantly. i would definitley recommend this book to other people. if you like to read mystery stories than i would recomomend you read this book. i can guarantee that once you start reading the story and get into it you will not be able to put the book down. it totally grabs ahold of your attention and makes you want to keep reading to see what will happen next in the story. i loved it!!!!!!!!!!! i love to read mystery stories!!! it is my favorite genre to read!! i find it very attention grabbing and it just sucks me into the story. i love being able to read a book of my choice. i hate it when teachers give you a book and tell you that you have to read the book even if you dont like it. i dont like having to read a book and having a deadline for it. expecially when i dont like the book. i like to read a book on my own time and not feel like i am being forced to read it. if i like the book i will want to read it and end up reading the whole book. depending on how long the book is and how often i read it depends on how long it will take me to read the book. i love to read books. i have always loved to read books since i was little. i know that when i was little i would sometimes fall asleep at night with a book open infront of me and a flashlight resting on my sholder. my mom would come in my room to wake me up in the morning and find the book laying infront of me open and the flashlight on my shoulder still on. im sure that made the batteries die really fast. lol. oh well. :) i still do love to read now. although i dont fall asleep at night reading books anymore.